Fleur de Lace Lighting

Fairylights and Festoons

Our prices for Lighting Rigs are quoted once you have messaged the details of  YOUR VENUE/LOCATION, YOUR DATE & THE CEILING YOU WANT DECORATED.  Pricing is based on lighting amount and the type of rig we need to do.  Please select one of the below options and it will create or be added to your quote. Some of our lights are hired by the meter BUT… we don’t hire lights out without them being hung by us (as part of the set up service).  The exception to this is our battery lights.

Scroll further down to see some images or rigs and lighting we have previously hung and provided.

Lanterns and Lights Combo

You can book Fairylights or Festoon lights with Paper Lanterns.  We do combined rig costs… If you visit the Paper Lantern page you can see the lighting options where you can also select this item to add to your quote order.


Both work really nicely as individual items, but also create magic together.  We can hang lanterns off the lights or hang around them, depending on the amount of lanterns you opt for. Further details are sent out in a quote.

There are a lot of great items we stock that work well with lighting hire.  Here are a few…

Below are some images of the Lights in action…  You can also find more ideas over on our instagram account.

Fairylights ZigZagged

Warm Fairylights

Festoon Lights

Barn Festoons

Photo: Hajie

Festoon Lights

Warm Fairylights

Party Fairylights

Mixed Lights


If you have any questions you would like to ask us or need help navigating or finding an item, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!