About Fleur de Lace


 ★ A little about Me ★

I’m Alice Verlaecke – Williams.  My long and hard to pronounce surname is from my husband’s Belgian-Welsh roots. We married in 2007 and I still fancy the pants off him.  Being a Mummy to little Ivy (4 going on 14) and Dottie (2 and terrible!) totally rocks my world!  So life for me away from Fleur de Lace, imagine if you will… is like a beautiful disney princess has spewed pink stuff all over my house whilst constantly sticking Elsa Songs and Annie on my phone and making me dance, they really like to dance.I’m not really cool or clever.  I play lacrosse. I have two cats called Olli and Gussi. I love travelling the UK and the big wide world. I eat Shreddies every morning. I know my strengths, my passions and my limitations and I’m grounded in my beliefs and love of my family and friends.


★ Fleur de Lace ★

I have always been creative, from my Fine Art degree and design background to my everyday thinking.  I think out of the box… helping to create awesome timeless Weddings! Fleur de Lace was formed in 2012. Before this I decorated weddings as a sideline to my ‘real’ job after a while and inbetween having a baby or two I was able to let Fleur de Lace grow in stock, portfolio and services.  Pre 2012… I worked on a whole host of television shows… working my way through the ranks of the art department. Shows including… Gok’s Fashion Fix, Big Brother, Balls of Steel, Britains Next Top Model, Peep Show etc… retiring  from the small screen credits as Art Director and Prop Sourcer.  I love weddings and with my years of experience behind me, I have learnt the ropes of working alongside my clients, making things look awesome and solving any problems thrown at me.  Sometimes it feels like Fleur de Lace isn’t just a job, it’s a hobby that I live and breathe.  My love of decorating weddings only grows as I meet more awesome couples.


★ My Inspiration and Heros ★

💜 Jean Michel-Basquiat 💙 My Dad 💚 My fave Wedding Blogs & Mags 💛 Tim Walker ❤️ Eduardo Paolozzi 💜 My Girls 💙 Jonathan Ive 💚 Shop Windows 💛 Ray Johnson ❤️ Matthew Carter 💜Modern Culture 💙 Poppy 💚 Don Featherstone 💛



 📷 Poppy Photo credit: Sharon Cooper Photography.  Stretch tent Photo credit: Lisa Fleckney 📷

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