Colourful Wedding Decoration & Styling

Here is some colourful wedding decoration and styling tips to help your venue be a colourful canvas for your special day. Fleur de Lace have become known for our colourful and creative weddings. If your reading this and wanted to check out our colourful weddings… I would recommend you have a look at our instagram feed, an online portfolio of our work.

Are you worried about committing to colour?

Big worries about going for a colourful wedding… ‘that it might look like a kids party’, ‘that people won’t think we are serious’ or ‘that the bridesmaids might not match the decor’ Shove the worries aside… A colourful wedding shouts out that you are relaxed, it represents your personalities, it shows happiness and it will fill your guests with joy! And if they don’t like it and tell you, don’t brush your teeth when you lick the thank you card envelope!

Colourful Tablescape. Photography by John Woodward Photography

So how do you create the ultimate colourful wedding? My BIGGEST TIP is don’t hold back but there’s some more below… You want to pimp your venue with a colour frenzy.

This is my tick list for your venue dressing:

Top Tips for colourfully decorated weddings

Tip 1 – step into the shoes of your wedding photographer

I like to think of your photographer at this point (they have a view of what your guests see and what you will see once your photos are developed)… So we know that they will take pictures up your aisle (decorating the

will mean colour in your images) They will take close up of you from the back (a backdrop will be a perfect way to create colour behind you.) looking back down your aisle towards your guests sitting behind you… your guests smiling faces are the perfect backdrop and you may get a glimpse of the colourful aisles. During the Wedding reception your colourful decoration and styling can echo your ceremony.

Tip 2 – Tables… think bigger

Tables – it’s not just your tables you eat off you should think about when dressing with a pop of colour. You can tie ribbon to your cards box, add colourful tea lights to the cake table. Continue the colour beyond a table centre and take it to the place setting.

Tipi 3 – It’s OK to ditch colours from the palette

Your Colours don’t have to be every colour… you can ditch a colour. For example I had a wedding that wanted rainbow but hated red. So with this I lost the red ribbons, lanterns, dressing from our wedding decor plans… it worked and was still perfect.

Tip 4 – Flower Choice

Work with the flowers… If you are having flowers at your wedding, these are a HUGE Colour influencer. We try and work alongside each florist and will reach out to them to discuss the palette they are using. It helps us select the shade of colours that we choose for decor.

Tip 5 – Night time doesn’t have to be dark

Night time colour – when the lights dim… Colourful tea light votives on the tables can still glow. Ceiling lights will help highlight ceiling lantern and decor colour. If you are having a disco… ask your DJ or band to add colour into the light sequences rather than just white lights.

Tip 6 – Outside Sky’s the limit

Your colourful wedding Decoration and Styling doesn’t have to just be for inside. You can hang on poles, to hang above you, trees, buildings etc. If there is something to add colour to… go for it!

Please message if you want Fleur de Lace to help you create a colourful day for you to remember forever and check out our Facebook reviews to see what past couples have said. I’ve popped some examples below of some of the bits I mentioned above. Alice x

Photo by Bhavesh Chauhan of Jo and Niall’s gorgeous day at Milling Barn – the backdrop, flowers and tea lights all were great additions on this colourful day.
Photo by Bhavesh Chauhan Another pic from Jo and Niall’s wedding where the lights help illuminate the coloured Lanterns
Grace and Tom’s Wedding… Colourful decorated ceremony gazebo – ribbons were BIG at this wedding. Photo by Story and Colour Photography at Furtho Manor Farm
BACKDROPS!!!! Photo by Nicki Shea Photography
Colourful Chair Decoration. Photo by Nicki Shea Photography

Fleur de Lace Love Colourful Wedding Decoration and styling. We are based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire and cover Surrounding counties too including Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, London, Some Essex, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire too.

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