Styling and Set-up

What’s a Venue Stylist?

Being a Stylist differs from being a wedding planner… It’s not that we don’t care about your choice of dessert or who goes first down the aisle, Fleur de Lace put our focus on the table the dessert is on and the feeling you get when you see your aisle dressed to perfection.  I am ALL about the aesthetics of your day… The feels you get and the things you see.  (When you look up, down, to the sides and out the back!).

It’s all about you…

We transform your space.  This sounds like we’re going to fill it with Statement pieces but it’s more like we fill it with a bit of you, inserting your personality into your day with individual styles.   This is why we like to get to know you in the styling process and meet you at the studio. Often people say they want their guests to remember their big day.  We have lots of suggestions on how small touches can make big impacts.

Your day, your way…

Styling doesn’t have to be creating weddings that are all over blogs and Pinterest, it’s more about creating weddings that are going to make you smile with pictures on your window sill in years to come.

How much we talking?

Each wedding has a ‘package’ tailored to what suits you and your budget.  Based on items you select from our collection or the info you leave us in a message.  We can give you a rough idea on how much you are looking at for booking Fleur de Lace.  There are lots of variables in costs, for example setting up a wedding with 200 guests in a limited amount of time is going to be more expensive than a small intimate reception for 20 guests.

You can just hire items…. that is no problem… You can collect and return the hired items from our Studio or arrange delivery

You can also book a rig of Paper Lanterns or Lighting without booking one of the below services.

Is this you?  “I have imagined how our day looks forever, but we have no idea how to make the dreams real,”

Is this you? “I have no idea where to start, literally not the foggiest!”

Is this you? “I’m sooo creative, I’ve DIYed till my fingers hurt (like bled!), I have been buying EVERYTHING from the vintage markets and turns out I quite like hand sewing 200 pages of Great Expections into bunting!”

Is this you? “We are a really fun couple… we want our wedding to show how fun we are, we joined pinterest but we have no idea where to start”

Three extremes of the couples we attract… Fleur de Lace can help in all of the above scenarios.

You can just hire items…. that is no problem… You can collect and return the hired items from our Studio or arrange delivery