The one about Fleur de Lace…

I haven’t blogged since 2016.  Pretty sure I sat down, most likely during the winter months with a cat on my lap and thought… “Right, now’s my time. I’m going to wow the nation with my extraordinary knowledge of the wedding world with small bloggets of utter brilliance!”  Yeah that didn’t happen…

Back to 2020… NOW is my time,  I’m going to to wow the nation…. haha nah, I am however going to type away and give you some insights into Fleur de Lace…. 

What is Fleur de Lace?

Fleur de Lace is a wedding and event styling and decoration business.  We cater for all sorts of styles including Festival Weddings, Rustic Themes, Outdoors in tents and Barn Weddings.

Who is Fleur de Lace?

Well my name is actually Alice, although if I ever felt a new name was in order, Fleur de Lace would be it!  I like it’s burlesque-ey French-ey feel.  We also have Ella and a handful of other wonderful helping hands.

Where are we?

The studio is in Letchworth, Hertfordshire but you can find us in wedding venues over the region… Here’s some of the counties we cover… Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, London, Essex, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and occasionally further afield.

What’s your favourite wedding ever?

OK, that is hard… I have a few.  That I have decorated… my cousins was a highlight because day in and day out through out the year I work on weddings, I miss family get togethers or have to leave early.  In June 2019 I was able to do a wedding where all my family were at, I think they were like “oh this is what you do!” Erm….. weddings where I want to be BFFs with the couple are good, Laura and John’s colourful day at South Farm, Les and Cheryl in Battersea Park just to name a few.  The first time I hung paper lanterns at South Farm… now there’s a time I won’t forget.  I love every wedding we do there and know it so well, but back then I remember learning the beams and distances between them.

Favourite Colour Scheme?

I’m going to have to do a whole blog post on this! Anything Big and Bold.  Not saying I don’t like neutral tones and lighter shades, but I love colour… rainbows and statement contrast clashes, humdinger, my faves!

Who’s your favourite Suppliers you work with?

You can see them on my recommended supplier page… there are so many I love working with… Go through my insta feed and I’ve tagged a whole load that Rock my world.  

What makes you different?

I hate blowing my own trumpet… actually that’s not true in real life I have a trumpet and I love blowing it.  I was a proper little Sonia Fowler at School (Eastenders reference FYI!). The wedding industry is full of very cool, talented stylists… A lot of us know what we are talking about.  This is me bigging myself up without sounding like a dick… We know our stuff, we have years of experience, through the years we have learnt and grown into a business that still puts our couples needs first.  Fleur de Lace are creative yet perfectionists.  Sometimes or in a lot of our weddings perfection isn’t always elegant and finely trimmed but can be wild, free, relaxed and a little kooky!

What’s your favourite Venue?

Hard one… easy out… they’re listed on the venues page!

Why did you call yourselves Fleur de Lace?

Back in 2012 vintage was like super in, I had a cushion which had little Fleur de Lys symbols all over, I also made a lot of bunting out of lace… the two came together during a brain storm and I fell in love.

Are there work opportunities at Fleur de Lace?

Message us your deeds CV we keep them on record – always needing help during the busy months.  

Do you have any other questions you want to ask Fleur de Lace…  Let me know and I will answer them here….


Alice xxx