What do we do?

In a Nutshell.  We help create the look you want on your wedding day.  Be it through hiring you an item from our collection or mastering a decorative pinterest worthy treat for you and your guests to remember forever.

We start by discussing your ideas, thoughts or maybe what you consider to be your wildest dreams (wedding related!!😉), in person, on the phone, emailing or via social media. We can help with any creative inputs, style suggestions, recommendations, calculating quantities and anything relating to the aesthetics of the day.

Our branding suggests that Fleur de Lace is Bright and Colourful but we can also do romantic, ethereal, whimsical, country garden, enchanting etc We don’t particularly label ourselves.  With Fleur de Lace we don’t do masses of diamanted roses and there’s not many frills and fancies BUT we know a whole heap of wedding suppliers so can work alongside other vendors if we don’t meet all your wedding needs.

We like to think of every wedding as individual so we don’t have a set cost for our services as such (every wedding is so different!) but we can give rough guides on initial enquiries.  We tailor a package for each wedding, according to what you want.  We work alongside your venue in setup times and derigs, working through the night if needs be.

The most important thing to know is we put 100% in making your wedding look and feel like your dream day… please see our testimonials of previous couples and don’t hesitate in contacting us with any questions unanswered here or with any enquiries.

 📷 To the wedding picture by Hayley Pettit Photography 📷

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